Friday, March 7, 2008

Pullman Yard art show - Call For Artists

I am putting together an art show on April 11th 2008 that will showcase art work created by the inspiration and infiltration of the Pratt-Pullman abandoned train yard at 225 Rogers St. in historic Kirkwood. The exhibition will feature works by local photographers who were brave enough to cross the rusted chain-link fences and razor wire to capture the beautiful decay of these amazing and historic buildings. My studio, Studio Outpost at 206 Rogers, will host the exhibition, that's right across the street! In addition to seeing the artwork there will be information provided that gives you some detailed history and future plans for the area. I am inviting the community in to begin the discussion of what can be done with this beautiful and historic plot of land that will help the area grow more.

At this moment there aren't any size or hanging restrictions, so I say go nuts! We have a pretty large space and we're really looking to open it up even more and let people see and experience the art in all the different environments in the studio. The more artists the better! I'd also like to talk to you about bringing, in addition to the work you want to hang, a few small postcard (4x6) prints for a collaborative wall installation piece that will include works from every artist involved. I'm hoping to have enough photos to make it a floor to ceiling piece.

So, that's it for now. If you are still interested just try and get everything together and to me no later than April 9th, I will be hanging work all day then. I am really excited about this show and I think it could turn out to be something that is just the beginning of a change movement.

Thank you,
Bobb Lovett

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